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EMEA Awards 2012 - HIS Winner

We are proud to announce that for a 5th year in row, Holiday Inn Sofia is among the constellation of hotel stars shining most brightly in Europe!

We are a shining example of truly incredible team, going above & beyond every day to create a Great Hotel Guests Love!

Holiday Inn Sofia has been recognized as a top performer in two categories:

Torchbearer - Awarded to hotels that have achieved the highest levels of excellence in achieving Great Hotels Guests Love, refl ected in their very high HeartBeat Overall Experience scores.

Crisis Management - Awarded to the hotel that demonstrated excellence in crisis management by: effectively managing a crisis; developing proactive crisis management programmes; using crisis management to generate positive market positioning; or increasing awareness of risk.

IHG has more than 620 hotels in Europe alone, and being awarded with two prestigious awards is a great achievement for Holiday Inn Sofia! We are indeed a talented team of people, creating a reputation for best in class delivery not only for our hotel and the group, but for the entire chain!

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