Type and Model:

Type: Horizontal
Model: Ergoline ADVANTAGE 400

Price list:

1 coin (4 min): 5 BGN
10 coins (40 min): 45BGN
20 coins Pre-paid Card (80 min): 75 BGN


The Advantage 400 ensures the highest tanning results with a perfect combination of 3 VIT Max high-pressure facials, 40 Turbo Power tanning lamps and a reflex neck tanner. In addition, it features a relaxing Bodyform Plus base acrylic with integrated headrest. Its Comfort Cooling ventilation, with cool air coming from facial and body zone outlets, is infinitely variable and keeps clients feeling fresh during the tanning session. Another enjoyable feature in the Advantage 400 is an audio system that offers perfectly reproduced stereo sound.

Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri - 06:30 - 22:30 unsupervised
Sat- Sun- 07:30 - 22:00 unsupervised

Working Hours During Holidays:

09:00 - 19:00 o’clock on the following bank holidays in 2021:
1 January, 3 March, 30 April-3 May, 06 May, 24 May, 6 September, 22 September, 24-26 December


Free Parking is available for visitors of the Esprit Fitness & Spa for 3 hours


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Solariums are tanning booths or sunbeds that use ultraviolet rays to produce an artificial tan. When you use the machine it helps in improved production of vitamin D and helps in curing osteoporosis , seasonal depression, skin diseases as acne, hypertension and muscle pain. It helps in improving blood circulation and speeds up the process of skin tanning.